Weddings and Inland Empire Bridal Hair – Looking Great For Less

Inland Empire Bridal Hair

Weddings and Inland Empire Bridal Hair – Looking Great For Less

Weddings and Inland Empire Bridal Hair – Looking Great For Less

While by and large weddings make for one expensive day, there are a few ways to pinch a penny or two. Hair and attire can cost thousands if you go all out. The ironic thing is, whether you spent a couple thousand dollars or a few hundred, the result is no different.

The Dress

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her special day. One of the first things any engaged gal does is to shop for her wedding dress. While a dress can cost upwards of $25,000 it’s certainly not necessary to spend anywhere near that. I suggest hopping into any local bridal shop and do a fitting just to decide what cut you like and what dress size you are. Remember that wedding dress sizes are quite different from standard dress sizes. After a fitting be sure to inquire about any upcoming sales. Bridal shops will often liquidate their inventory to make room for new designs.

If you are a little bit of a gambler, want a much greater savings or simply strike out at the bridal shop, try online bidding sites. This idea is crazy Inland Empire Bridal Hair to some but it is not uncommon to locate a new dress, used as display, for around $100. My own wedding dress was snagged for $125 after shipping on such a site. The result: an extra $3000 in the bank and a strikingly gorgeous ensemble.


Accessories can run up a substantial charge. I suggest making at least one prominent piece of jewelry your “something borrowed”. Any mother, grandma, sister or mother in law will be honored if you ask to wear a special piece of their jewelry. This also prevents you from buying a necklace or pair of earrings. Another option is to hit up the internet again. Dress shops often mark up their accessories far beyond what is reasonable for the quality. You can find veils, tiaras and gloves online with the same brands but much lower prices.

The Hair and Inland Empire Bridal Hair

Some women will spend a couple hundred dollars just to have their hair done for their big day. Typically, however, the designs that most brides request do not require a stylist. If you have any friends who are even slightly talented with a curling iron, subpoena them. Start practicing different hairstyles at home and I assure you, you will get the same lovely look with no price tag. If it turns out your friends are flops, no harm no foul. As long as you begin practicing your look some time out, you can still snag a talented hairdresser in time to pull off the look you have envisioned.

The Groom

If you want your groom to buy his tux as a memento then power to you! If, like most couples, you choose to rent, snag a free rental. Many tux rental locations now offer one free tux rental with four or five other rentals. If your tux shop is not offering this deal, you have the wrong tux shop.

Looking great on your big day does not need to include big bucks. You aren’t walking the red carpet. The average person will not care who you’re wearing. The only thing people notice is that you look great. Embrace the beauty, save the doe.

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